At Tyre Resolve we stock a large range of premium tyres, mid-range tyres and budget tyres to cover all motoring requirements and budgets. If it's a new set of tyres or repairs to your current tyres you're looking for we can cater to your every need.



Ensures your wheels are adjusted to the manufacturer's original specification with the highest degree of accuracy. Discounted price to adjust both axles (front AND rear) of the vehicle.

Wheel alignment is an important piece of car maintenance that ensures your car’s wheels are giving their best performance in terms of handling, fuel economy, ride comfort and even tyre life.

Thanks to advances in the technology used to measure wheel alignment, a computerised alignment can have your wheels back to the precise positioning that they were when they left the factory, and our standard wheel alignment use lasers to ensure a good alignment for your car.



The technician breaks the beading and peels back the tyre from the face of the alloy in order to get behind the rim. The technician then strips, grinds and sands the face of the alloy, the alloy is cleaned and prepped before it is etch primed (this prevents the paint peeling off).

The alloy is then primed to help prevent corrosion occurring. After primimg the alloy is colour matched and then wet sprayed in the van and then the paint is baked under IR lamps. The technician then applies a two pack lacquer with a hardener which he sprays and then bakes the lacquer under lamps.



All puncture repairs carried out by Tyre Resolve are in compliance with the British Standard BS AU 159. Our fitters will always remove the tyre from the wheel to fully inspect any damage and judge whether a puncture can be safely repaired or not.

The good news is that statistically there is a high possibility that the tyre will be repairable and in our experience around 60% of all punctures examined can be repaired safely and cheaply, without the need for a replacement tyre.